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Wishful Casting: Jess Walton as The Spencer Family Matriarch on B&B

We all know Brad Bell has a penchant for picking up Y&R actors who don't recover from "sick days", so if the phenomenal Jess Waltonstarts to "feel better" and lands in The Bold and the Beautiful's LA, wouldn't it be great if she plays Wilhemina, the never-before-mentioned twin sister of the late Bill Spencer, who shares an interest in the family publishing dynasty with her niece and nephew? 


Could you imagine Walton as "Aunt Willie" toDon Diamont and Joanna Johnson's Bill Jr. and Karen? With a matriarch, the soon-to-be-revisited Spencer clan would feel complete. Walton would rock as the ultra glam matriarch of a SoCal publishing dynasty. Wilhemina could provide Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) with a much-needed female friend. Maybe she could offer Brooke her own O Magazine-esque lifestyle and fashion bible—Logan? Or maybe BeLieF Magazine? B&B could then get rid of Jennifer Gareis as Plastica, er Donna and finally provide Stephanie a viable foil for Eric's affections. Walton vs. Susan Flannery, in a word: Epic.

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