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DAYS Lost In Time: Alex Marshall & Marie Horton

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In an earlier post from Jamey, the highlights brought to the forefront was a mix of wanted Days of Our Lives storylines to bring this show back from the brink. With a show such as this riding on a prestigous history, we can't help but long for the Days we grew up with back in the day of bliss and glamour. I scrambled upon this video tonight which reminded me how much I enjoyed scenes between the characters of Alex and Marie, a comic duo one moment, then a lovestruck the next - really shows why Days has so much opportunity to bring some of it's best characters back and relive some of the magic. Alex Marshall and Marie Horton had a daughter Jessica, who inturn is Nick Fallon's mother. Story potential? You betcha! The beginning of rebuilding the Horton family - the cornerstone of the show.

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