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All My Children Launches International Online Initiative

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All My Children isn't going down without a fight. Mediacaster is reporting that All My Children has launched an "Internet initiative to enhance international broadcast licensee opportunities for cross-platform monetization."


Meanwhile Agnes Nixon is still fighting for her show. [It should be noted that does not appear to have launched yet.]

AMC creator Agnes Nixon, together with Toronto-based The Fremantle Corporation, are also presenting opportunities to participate in additional revenue streams such as merchandising and DVD sales, linking up with the website, texting opportunities and measurement apparatus.

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Other interesting info from the article:

The goal is to enhance the value of the soap to broadcasters through a cross platform Internet expansion to help promote, expand access and add value for advertisers, viewers and broadcasters, while maintaining geographic exclusivities.

My question is, why is All My Children launching an international online initiative when it doesn't even offer AMC episodes online here in the U.S.?

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