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Daytime Confidential British Invasion

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Hello everyone, it has been quite awhile since the Brit's invaded Daytime Confidential, but they are back and this time they mean business. We have shocking exits, long awaited returns, a few children being brought into the world and a whole lot more, so get ready because the invasion begins now.

Actress Kara Tointon (Dawn) and her co-star Ricky Groves (Gary) have both been let go from the BBC soap. Both of the actors' contracts were up this summer, but the producers decided against renewing. Work has begun on the characters' exit plot which will see Dawn and Gary's relationship put to the test. The two actors will continue to film until the summer and will be leaving our screens late this year.


Here is a piece of news that will make Patsy Palmer (Bianca Jackson) happy. There are reports that EastEnders heads are trying to lure back Dean Gaffney (Robbie), Natalie Cassidy (Sonia), Lindsey Coulson (Carol), Howard Antony (Alan) and Devon Anderson (Billy), reuniting the family for the first time in twelve years. When contacted, a BBC spokesperson confirmed that the producers were 'thrilled' with Patsy's return, but denied plans to bring back the entire Jackson family.

Is Christian a gay ‘stereotype’? Not in John Partridge's eyes. He says his character is not a gay stereotype. Christian wears brighter colors than he normally would wear, but that does not make him a stereotypical gay man.

Bend it Like Beckam star Preeya Kalidas just began filming her stint on EastEnders. She said in a report that coming onto the square was as overwhelming as it is to be a part of EastEnders. Preeya will be playing the girlfriend of Syed Masood and will be arriving in the square later this year.


The Official EastEnders website sat down with Charlie Brookes (Janine Butcher) for an interview which can be read here.

Congratulations to Stephen Lord (Ex-Jase Dyer) and his wife Elaine Cassidy on the couple’s first pregnancy. We wish them the best in life and hope both of the actors’ careers will continue to grow as their family expands.


Who is up to heading down to their local pub and getting a pint of Coronation Street branded ale? I personally don't drink, but why not have a bit of Corrie to drink? It's not like you are going to go down to the local joint and request an All My Children on the rocks or a shot of The Guiding Light. More on this story can be read here.

The rest of the Corrie news is not so bright. We have contract negotiations and worries, but hey that's what makes the soap world go around right?

Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) has extended his contract which will keep him on the show at least until July 2010, but with one staying one must go, correct? That unlucky soul is Philip McGinley (Tom Kerrigan). He has finished filming and will leave the street in the coming months.

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Along with extending his contract, actor Antony Cotton and actress Katherine Kelly (Becky Granger) are both in the USA for pilot season. The actors have 'vowed' to get a primetime show and hope to work their schedules so they can film primetime shows in the US and return to the UK to shoot Corrie.

Actress Rachel Leskovac (Natasha Blakeman) is worried about her future. She said in a interview with The People she is secure until August and will be told in May whether or not she will be sticking around. She is not the only one worried about their future with the show. Actor Bill Tarmey (Jack Duckworth) says that after nearly thirty years his time on the street may be up. The actor has said that he would like to take a break and just enjoy life. After forty years in acting he feels like he deserves it.


Some really good casting news for Hollyoaks fans. Actor James Sutton (Ex-John Paul McQueen) will be arriving in Emmerdale. The 26-year-old actor left Hollyoaks last year and recently made an appearance in the BBC1 weekly hospital soap Casual+y. Speaking of his signing, Sutton said: "I'm thrilled to be joining a show as respected and well-loved as Emmerdale. It was always on in our house when I was growing up so I’m excited to be a part of

it. I'm looking forward to playing such an interesting character and one so different from previous roles I've played."


Actress Emma Atkins (Charity Tate) is set to make a shocking comeback. Speaking of her decision to reprise her role, she said "Charity is a wonderfully complex character and an absolute joy to play. I couldn't resist the opportunity to explore a new era of Charity, Cain and Debbie and will relish seeing what she's been up to since we saw her last." Emma begins filming and will appear on our screens later this year.

ITV is searching for a new sponsor for the rural soap. Current sponsor, Reckitt Benckiser, ended their four-year deal following a "shift of [marketing] strategy", more on this story can be read here.

The biggest piece of Hollyoaks news this month is that actress Gemma Bissix is returning as Clare Devine. The 25-year-old left the show in September 2007 when her character drove off a cliff in dramatic stunt which subsequently won 'Spectacular Scene Of The Year' at last year's British Soap Awards. At the same ceremony, Bissix also walked away with the award for 'Best Exit'. Gemma begins filming this week and will be on our screens in May.


Gavin and Stacy star James Corden is complaining about his time on Hollyoaks. James played a small role as the Hollyoaks Community College caretaker eight years ago. In an interview with Liverpool Echo he said that he hated his experience with the Channel 4 soap, insisting that it was a "horrible place to work". "It was hell on earth. I am sure it has changed a lot now...No one cared about making TV; they just cared about other things. It wasn’t how I particularly liked to work," he said.

General Soaps

A study just came out that the takeaway habits of British families are governed by the start of their favorite soaps. CEO of Just-Eat David Buttress said: "Despite obviously being dinnertime or thereabouts, the fact that the order-time average was an odd 6.50 p.m. sparked our researchers to question why this could have been, and we are both genuinely surprised with the outcome. The results of our customer research clearly show that families are much more likely to eat together whilst watching soaps rather than sit down together around a dining table, so I think it’s safe to assume a correlation of the two. Who would have thought it - EastEnders causes you to crave takeaway food!" More on this story can be read here.

The BBC has confirmed that Casual+y will be moving to Cardiff. In a statement, the BBC said: "We have previously said that, as part of the Network Supply Strategy, moving Casual+y will play a significant part in fulfilling our commitment to building a creatively sustainable center of excellence for drama in Wales and, more broadly, it will accelerate the development of the creative sector there."

That wraps up this week’s invasion. Thank you for reading and please comment on what your favorite story for this past week was and what you are most looking forward to.