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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.30.09


Who will be with child? Claudia wants to get pregnant to hang on to Sonny and her life. Carly and Jax have wanted a child together ever since they took care of baby Spencer Cassadine. Which Carly will get the bun in the oven? Carly has a dizzy spell coming up. Is she knocked up?

Does NotEmily aka Rebecca have a brother? Is that what Helena has over the look-a-likes head? RUMORS popped up last week that Rebecca MAY have a child and Helena is holding the child as leverage over Rebecca. Was a piece of SCOOP taken too far? IF it’s a brother, does this mean we have yet another newbie hitting town?

Does Elizabeth fit into Helena’s plan? Remember back in the day when Helena brainwashed a newly alive Lucky (then played by Jacob Young)? Elizabeth played a key role in thwarting Helena’s plan. I always thought Helena would attempt some payback on Elizabeth and in my Liason loving head; Jason would sweep in for the rescue. Oh the possibilities… The four musketeers were always a formidable foursome, maybe TPTB are remembering a little history and the musketeers will once again battle Helena?

Ric takes pleasure in taunting Claudia. Johnny chokes him out. We’re seeing a slightly different Ric Lansing. Ric’s motivation has always been getting Sonny to want him as a brother and confidante. Usually his actions come back to bite him in the butt. This time around, Ric wants Sonny gone. He wants the power, the organization and he’ll take his lady too. Will this be the recipe for Ric’s demise? Jason’s wanted to off Sonny’s little brother for years and Sonny’s always said no. Now that Ric is going after Sonny’s life and not just Jason’s place in it, will Sonny finally give the A-OK to make little brother pay?

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Ric was drugged, it’s JoMax to Claudia’s rescue but we have that pesky little trying to get knocked up storyline I mentioned above. Does it help Claudia’s cause IF Ric doesn’t remember the events that led up to his drugging? RUMOR has it he won’t remember sleeping with Claudia ala a drunken AJ sleeping with Carly. Will Claudia get that baby she needs? RUMORS say maybe not. But that can’t stop her… there’s always that fake pregnant belly.


More Jason and Robin? It looks like those loyal JnR fans MAY be getting more scenes. What’s the real reason behind all these Jason and Robin scenes? Will Scrubs make their marriage work? Will Robin grow more jealous and frustrated with her friend Liz?

Johnny and Lulu… They SHOULD be ending the second week of April. Are Lulu and Ethan getting the hard push? It MAY be squish name time. Give it your best shot.

Michael…. Carly is contemplating another procedure for her son. The past results are not promising as Carly learns two out of ten patients die from the procedure. Bobbie sighting…

Jason is a busy mobster. He’s worried about Spinelli and now he’s looking into Michael’s shooting, again. Will he get close to the truth? I don’t see how not considering everyone in PC seems to know the truth.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Matt and Maxie scenes coming. Is Lulu scamming Ethan? Will Nikolas spill Claudia’s secret? Is Dante coming? Will Claudia and Carly bump into each other at the doctors? Sam’s first P.I. assignment was SUPPOSED to be Rebecca but will she be looking into Ethan’s past? Is Bernie the fourth member of McCall and Jackal P.I.? Seriously?