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FLAG ON THE PLAY: Is Anne Sweeney Putting a Kibosh on Brian Frons Courting GL Actors?

DEADLINE SOAPWOOD: Another day, another drama! A source at ABC is saying Disney Media Works Co-Chair Anne Sweeney is allegedly not trying to feel Brian Frons, who is rumored to be preparing up a bunch of offers to Guiding Light actors should the CBS sudser be cancelled in September.


"He's forcing the actors on his own shows to take pay cuts, now he's readying up deals for these people from a show that's being cancelled, and he's not even gonna make them audition, it's disgusting!" says the source. 

Sweeney allegedly made it known she wants "detailed proposals" explaining where any and all CBS stars would fit in on the ABC soap lineup, complete with thorough story ideas, before Frons so much as contacts one agent!

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 The mole goes on to say Frons is not happy with the splashes former ABCers like Jeff Branson (ex-Jonathan, All My Children; Shayne, Guiding Light), Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Maggie, All My Children; Chloe, The Young and the Restless) and Billy Miller (ex-Richie, AMC) have made at CBS and is itching to snag some of the Tiffany Network's big names. Yeah, because that has worked out so well with Beth Ehlers...