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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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What did Rick Hearst do to deserve this? Talk about totally decimating a character beyond recognition or redemption. To me Ric has always sort of straddled the fence between dark and light, where he had moments of darkness (panic room) that could be explained away, then moments of brightness (early Rexis). Now they seem to have channeled whatever evil they were writing for Trevor into Ric and I'm not liking it. As a giant Ric fan, it just gets harder and harder to justify it to myself.

Anyone else grossed out by the possibility that Claudia didn't shower between Ric and Sonny? Granted, nothing ended up happening with Sonny, but it would have if Jason hadn't shown up and I was getting more and more grossed out as Claudia was climbing all over Sonny.

Why should we care that Rebecca possibly has cancer? Despite having Emily's face, she hasn't been around long enough for us to get a vested interest in a story like that. Having someone already on canvas (Liz, Sam, heck even Lulu) get a disease of that magnitude would be far more interesting than this. It's Nem redux and I for one am not interested.

Speaking of Lulu, why is Brandon Barash playing it like Johnny hates her. He says he loves her, but there doesn't seem to be any emotion behind the words and I think it's an acting choice that isn't right. I'm not getting that Johnny's concerned about Claudia or annoyed by Kate and Maxie. I'm getting that he'd rather spit on Lulu than talk to her and it's rather strange.

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I think Claudia made a mistake going to see Ric in the hospital. She should have pretended she had no idea that anything had happened to him. It would have been harder for him to explain how he ended up there without disclosing that he was in Claudia's room at one point during the night.

Funny line of the day:

Claudia to Johnny:
"Ric OD'ed on pills and booze after we had sex."

Maxie: "Finally, someone more screwed up than me."