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Guiding Light's Otalia Fever

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Crystal Chappell, Melodie Aikels and Jessica Leccia

During the Guiding Light location shoot in Florida, I had a chance to chat with Frank Dicopolous, Crystal Chappell, and Jessica Leccia about their current storyline featuring Otalia. All three actors were very excited about being apart of such a different story for daytime. They also were very surprised by the fan response to the storyline and didn't expect it to be so huge. The Otalia line for autographs was almost as long as Josh and Reva's line. To me, that spoke volumes, so when I saw a group of Otalia fans gathered chatting about their couple, I grabbed one for an interview. Brenda was so kind to tell me all about her Big Purple Fever for Otalia.

Daytime Confidential: What brought you to Otalia? Why do you like them?

Brenda: Well, back in October I heard they were gonna move in together, but then I read where the idea of them being a couple was shot down so then I didn't watch it. But then I saw them kiss on the CBS website, and I thought, "Well let me give this a chance". So, I went toYou Tube and watched all the clips and saw the slow buildup, the old fashioned storytelling like it used to be. It was like Bo and Hope or Patch and Kayla on Days of Our Lives and other couples, and it was just beautifully written. It was subtle, slow, and just told in a normal light and not sensationalized like All My Children did with Bianca and the wedding, and then they break them up the next day.

DC: "Our lesbians are better than yours"

Brenda: Yeah, GL doesn't want to label it. They just want it to be beautiful and have gotten alot of straight fans from it. So, that's great to see and any good press the gay community can get is fabulous. It's a positive storyline rather than the usual negative, "Oh it's a pregnancy or oh it's a shooting" or something like that. It's just great. You have beautiful storytelling, two great actresses who love the storyline, and we appreciate that too. It's just wonderful.

DC: Now, did you watch Guiding Light before Olivia and Natalia?

Brenda: No, I never watched it.

DC: Well that's interesting because I've seen many people in your situation.

Brenda: Yeah, alot of people on the board are brand new fans. But I knew Crystal from Days of Our Lives.

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DC: Oh so you used to watch that one?

Brenda: Yeah I used to watch that one and All My Children with Bianca but then they ruined that a number of times especially with Lena. Ugh, that one really killed me. I tried to give it another shot with this go around with Reese but once again it was terrible. So I flipped over to Guiding Light with Otalia and all I can say is "Halleujah!"

DC: Now, are you enjoying the other stuff too?

Brenda: Yeah. I love all the other characters now. That's how I was with All My Children before. I started watching for Bianca and ended up loving all the other characters. But any who , I'm not watching because gay couple it's for all the characters. I mean Phillip coming back is great. The show is getting tons of new fans by doing thestorylines that people want to see.

DC: What do you want to see from Otalia in the future?

Brenda: I just want to see them together and happy for a while before the writers do something to them. I want to see all the other couples in Springfield supporting them and just you know and being behind them. I like the everyday scenes where their just sitting them around doing nothing like folding the laundry. I just want to see them as a normal couple with of course their gonna throw in some soap opera angst.

DC: There's the Frank thing coming up.

Brenda: Frank told us the next two weeks are gonna be good and I think he meant for us.