Jess Walton Re-Signs With The Young and the Restless


This just in! Soap Opera Weeklyis reporting that Jess Walton has in fact re-signed with The Young and the Restless and will remain with the show.


These developments follow three days of reports since word first came out of her being ill. Here is a timeline:

March 27Soap Opera Digest reported that The Young and the Restless had sent out a casting call for the role of Jill Abbott, after Walton appeared not to be feeling well. That same day our own Jamey Giddens posted a Wishful Casting for the role of Jill Abbott after hearing it may be more than a case of Walton being "under the weather."

March 30th - TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco reported that Walton refused to take a paycut and walked out. Soap Opera Digest then retracted their initial story of Walton being sick and reported tense contract negotiations were taking place. 

March 31st - Early this morning Jamey reported that Walton was thisclose to re-signing her contract. Soap Opera Weekly has confirmed that Walton has in fact re-signed with the show.

I'm just glad this whole mess is finally cleaned up. Walton would have been sorely missed at The Young and the Restless, even if it is/was fun to speculate about possible replacements such as Jane ElliotDeidre Hall or Victoria Wyndham. By the way, Hall won out over Elliot by two votes in that poll. At least now our own Jillian will be able to sleep at night, in peace.