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Rob Bogue and Mandy Bruno, Reel Life vs. Real Life

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Real life couple Rob Bogue and Mandy Bruno spent some fun in the sun swimming with dolphins and visiting with their fans during the Guiding Light location shoot, at Universal Orlando. They took some extra time to visit with me about Mallet and Marina's relationship, the adoption of their character's new son Henry Cooper Camalletti and if a reunion between Cyrus and Marina or Mallet and Dinah might be possible.


Daytime Confidential: What do y'all think about what's going on with Mallet and Marina right now? I mean they just adopted a baby and that's huge.

Rob Bogue: I think I can sum it all up in once sentence: They’re happy, so look out.

Mandy Bruno: I agree. I mean I think that's the best way to say it. Every time everything falls into place it becomes ultimately boring and you have completely to explode it.

DC: I've been waiting for it to happen with Mallet and Marina because they've been happy for a minute.

MB: It's coming, It's coming. I mean, Mallet and Marina are trying as hard as they can to keep it that way (being happy) but this is a soap.

RB: "Don't touch my baby.”

MB: Yeah, it's amazing how much you change as a human being when there's a little one around. Drama definitely does come up. I mean you turn into a momma bear on the playground if someone comes messin with your child. So, happy go lucky people can become very protective and do things that we may not expect them to do in order to protect their young. So, there's some drama.

DC: So can y'all give any scoop about what's coming up for them.

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MB: We really don't know.

RB: I like to play things not knowing. Some people like to know and I don't. It's kinda like life, you can't really control it.

MB: It's been fun to try and figure it out. We know that once you get this happy something has to go wrong. It's like every script you get, you start looking around and it's kind of like real life. You always have someone around you that you may not be able to trust. You don't know anymore. It's very dramatic and it's been fun. We've had fun playing some light fluffy stuff but I think now we're ready for some drama.

DC: Ok, so I have to ask this for me, Cyrus and Marina, Mallet and Dinah, is there a chance? Is there hope?

RB: I think so, sure.

MB: Sure, and don't forget you have Shayne back in town.

RB: Cyrus and Marina, Mallet and Dinah. Shayne, Cyrus, Cyrus, Mallet. I think it's definite possibility.

MB: Oh yeah. There's always possibilities. But then again, I don't think any couple could truly live happily ever after. I mean that couple is Josh and Reva ,and look at them now. Not that they can't ultimately be happy, but then again this is soap opera. Drama happens and there is canvas of people we can work with and…

RB: "Don't touch my baby. Don't touch my girl."

MB: I mean it's like life. Sometimes we run into old friends again and they make sense in that moment. But who knows. We honestly have no idea. But we love working together and as long as they want to write us that way, it's fun.

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