General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.01.09


Technical issues got in my way yesterday not that there wasn’t plenty for you all to read in terms of news. Do I depress you even more with GH Spoilers? Before we get started, to the Guiding Light fans: I am sorry your show has been axed. Despite how much GH disappoints me lately, I would still be very upset if it got cancelled.

First Lainey now Kelly Lee! We’ll catch a glimpse of Dr. Lee with Robin. Can TPTB please use these ladies? They’re doctors on General HOSPITAL… does it need to make any more sense than that? Kelly suggests Robin meet her hubby in the park and this SHOULD be when Robin sees Patrick with Elizabeth.

Johnny and Lulu break-up… What has them calling it quits? Is it the secret he’s keeping with Maxie? Is it mob related? Isn’t it always mob related on this show? RUMORS say the break-up is good but then again RUMORS said Maxie’s dream episode was good too. Does this mean JoMax is a go? Not yet but they MAY get their shot. Lulu SHOULD find out about the make out session in the garage. One RUMOR says Johnny and Maxie hit the sheets. COULD this be after Spinelli gives Maxie her walking papers? Spixie troubles? The Jackal MAY not be happy with the Maxinista. Will he want Maxie to give him space?

Lucky and Sam scenes? RUMORS have Lucky stopping by and offering his best wishes on Sam’s new business. Will the new P.I. biz cause troubles for Spixie? Will Sam and Spin be spending more time together? Obviously as business partners they are but it LOOKS like Sam will be spending a good chunk of her time with the Jackal.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Tracy wants more dirt on Ethan. He’s stealing from Crimson and Lulu tries to win the cash back. Brotherly love…. More Ric and Sonny scenes. Who knocked up Claudia Zaccharra? Will Johnny take the fall for Claudia? Will Sam look into Jerry’s part of the shooting? More Jason and Robin scenes. Will Crimson be hurt by the economy? Did Frons get trumped?


From the comments:

Matt and Maxie scenes and Lulu's meddling... it looks like Lulu wants to sign Matt up as Crimson's poster boy so that Johnny may be free from all things Maxie. Do Lulu's actions spur a fight between her and Johnny? Remember, they're breaking up but will JoLu's fighting and relationship end cause more trouble for Maxie?


Is Carly pregnant or stressed?

Rebecca waits on her biopsy results. The Quad MAY be coming after all. When they inserted Liz into Scrubs' story it looked like we were getting a triangle for Nikolas-Rebecca-Lucky. Now, Scrubs are RUMORED to eventually get back on track and Elizabeth is only a friend in that storyline despite the RUMORS and Robin's insecurity. Where does Elizabeth fit now? It looks like the triangle is becoming a square so to speak with the Four Musketeers.

Claudia's secret is out! Sonny finds out the truth about his wife. Who spills the beans? Is it Ric? Jerry? Jax? Will Claudia attempt to get rid of Jerry too? RUMOR has it she will when Jerry pops back up in PC but will someone else pay the price?