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Y&R: Nina's Return

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Nina's return to Genoa City is what the majority of Young and the Restless fans have been voicing and petitioning for since her cameo during Katherine's funeral. This opens up the opportunity for the very talented writing team over there at Y&R headquarters to take Nina into the story of either assisting with Katherine's complete recovery, bringing Jill down in true Y&R boardroom fashion, or better still help play out with assisting with undoing another paternity mess in Cane and Jill. In this video, Nina remembers the time Rose DeVille, played by the late Darlene Conley(bless her soul), took away her baby - the baby she shared with Phillip Chancellor III. These scenes taken during the time Nina was writing a novel about the entire Rose DeVille ordeal. Where is Y&R going to take Nina's character for the time she is in town, will they really play on the whole arch rival conflict with Jill, or will they have her opposite the woman who took her in - Katherine. Interesting times ahead for this show and for Tricia Cast.

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