General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Today, I have to give kudos to Kimberly McCullough. I just think she’s acting the heck out of this story and really selling to me how utterly annoyed and frustrated she is with her life.

Line of the day:

“I have a husband, a baby, good friends, a career, and yet, I’ve never felt so alone.”

I don’t understand Patrick these days. He went to see Carly to find out how to deal with Robin and she gave him some good advice, but he’s not using it. Instead of understanding that everything Robin is doing is because she’s sick, he’s almost blaming her because his life isn’t all a bed of roses right now. Remember your vows Patrick? Remember the “in sickness and in health” part.

I loved the Sonny/Robin scene on the docks. (Yes, I admit to liking a scene with Sonny in it!)

I’m not sure why Lulu thought it was a good idea to have Ethan take Johnny’s place as Maxie’s stud model. It would mean Ethan would have to shower and wash the oil out of his hair and I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

I get that Luke is all about being anti-law, but is he really into all out robbery now? It’s one thing to think your little protégé is funny by pick-pocketing customers in his establishment, but should he be all that proud and blasé that Ethan basically robbed Crimson? What’s next? Laughs and guffaws about a bank heist? Is it just me or is there some rather inappropriate chemistry between Luke and Ethan? Like, worse than what’s between Claudia and Johnny.

Speaking of Johnny, he better not hurt my man Ric. But really, does Ric not have a job? He’s spending an awful lot of time sitting on Sonny’s couch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!