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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Hey kids, big developments are headed to The Young and the Restless.


Kevin/Amber: Amber is finally able to have Kevin get a grip on things. Unfortunately for him, Jeff comes in with with the bounty hunter and Kevin thinks that Jeff's his dear ole' departed dad Tom and attacks him. Just when this occurs, Michael, Jana and Daniel are on the scene where Michael thinks that Jeff pretending to be Tom can be helpful for Kevin. Jeff agrees to play the part and Kevin explodes on him thinking he's Tom. It starts to work when the police show up and arrest Kevin and Amber.

The women lash out at each other. Later, Jill says she's moving out of the Chancellor estate. Kay propositions Jack with a job.

Jack: He informs Sharon that he doesn't want to sign off on the divorce.

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Sharon: She gets arrested! Once she's sprang from jail she confides in Nick.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: Nick decides to swing by the athletic club to make sure Sharon's OK where she has an emotional breakdown. Nick comforts her and asks if there's anything he can do to help her and she tell him to have Phyllis back off and away from her. Nick is thrown through a loop because he didn't know that Phyllis was harassing Sharon. While this is taking place, big red (Phyllis) happens to be spying at the club trying to find out what is going on between Nick and Sharon. When he leaves, Nick spots Phyllis and is pissed with her. When the couple return to their house, they have a huge argument where Phyllis trashes Sharon. Phyllis tries to fill Nick in on Sharon's relationship with Billy but he doesn't believe her and lets Phyllis know that he needs to take some time away from her and moves out. After this takes place, Sharon goes by the tack house to find Noah because he never returned home. Phyllis lets Sharon know that Nick has moved out, instead of lashing out at her Phyllis decides to mess with Sharon's mind by telling her she needs to get some help and that her actions are having an effect on Nick's behavior.

Meanwhile at the GCAC, Nick bumps into Jack who lets him know that Nick's actions are causing more harm than he realizes because he's not choosing which one he wants to be with. Jack's words make an impression with Nick and the next day he turns back hoe to Phyllis. Phyllis is so glad he's back that she doesn't mention Sharon and when the two are trying to piece their marriage together again, a situation arises with Noah that has Nick and Sharon getting close. Sharon better watch her back though because Phyllis plots to crush her.

Billy/Mac: Ex-wife Mac is in town because she hears that her beloved grandma is back from the dead. Mac doesn't know that Billy's getting hitched and the former lovers come face to face with each other and are blown away. Due to the DNA test that Brock took with Katherine, it becomes proof positive that Jill isn't her daughter and Billy and Mac are not related. With Mac being back in town, Billy starts to have doubts marrying Chloe and Jack tears into Billy and tells him not to screw up his new life with Chloe and Delia. Jack lets him know that Mac may not harbor the same feelings he has for her. Later on after he and Chloe have hit the sheets, he heads over to the Chancellor estate to see Mac. Mac puts Billy on notice- she's going back to Darfur and doesn't carry the same feelings she had for him in the past.

While this is happening, Chloe wakes up and sees that Billy's gone and heads out to the Chancellor's with Delia. The new Abbott family return home but Billy sneaks out yet again and heads back to visit Mac.This time Brock blocks him on seeing her. When speaking with Esther, Chloe gets the back story on Billy and Mac's relationship. Chloe tries to get the info from Billy himself about Mac and he shuts her down. At week's end, Mac lets Kay and Brock know that she's going to stay in town for good. Viewers should realize if they haven't already that Mac has and always will be the love of Billy's life and due to them thinking they were related he never got over it and is the reason why he's a playboy.

May Sweeps:
Can't talk about it, at least not yet. Trust me I would if I could, I made a deal with the devil not to speak about it and I ain't about to pay that sucker with my soul! All I can say is this, sweeps will be so hot so bad ass that you'll be speaking about this for years to come! Y&R's not joking when it comes to keeping the genre alive with what's going down in May.