Tristan Rogers: "And Then There Were Seven"

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"And then there were seven..." Tristan Rogers is giving his take on the demise of Guiding Light.


It was to be expected that Guiding Light would probably not make it.However, news of its cancellation was still a shock, more so because these are uncertain days for all the Daytime soap opera’s and the passing of any one of them makes you think about time running out for the remainder. I can remember writing about a year ago, in an upbeat and enthusiastic way about the “new deal” that was about to emerge from GL, and perhaps herald this as a “break out” show. There was the introduction of a digital look, location shooting and a different “way” of telling the story. Coming from a show that was one of the original pillars of the genre, this sounded like GL was making serious efforts to “re-invent” itself. At the time I found this very exciting.

What went wrong?

Tristan gives a very candid opinion of what went wrong leading to the cancellation of Guiding Light.