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Wishful Casting: GL's Yvonna Kopacz-Wright as OLTL's Evangeline

Since there will be plenty of time for Wishful Castings based on Guiding Light's more buzzed about stars, I figured I would concentrate on where I could see some of the soap's lesser knowns end up, starting with Yvonna Kopacz-Wright. I would love to see what this strikingly-beautiful actress would do with the role of Evangeline on One Life to Live.


Now I have to admit, when Kopacz-Wright first appeared on GL I was not impressed. I thought she was yet another typical, cookie cutter, bland, soap actress brought on the satisfy a diversity quota. It wasn't until the actress showcased her comedic chops opposite Mel's BFFs Harley (then-Beth Ehlers), Blake (Liz Kiefer) and Cassie (then-Laura Wright), and later her ability to portray one heck of a desperate doctor's wife when Rick (Michael O'Leary) began cheating on her with Beth (Beth Chamberlin), that I began to see what the actress was truly capable of.

Should Guiding Light live on in some form or fashion, I would love to see Mel and the rest of the Boudreau family play a much larger role, but if it doesn't, Kopacz-Wright could prove interesting as Evangeline. With Cristian (David Fumero) and Layla (Tika Sumpter) hating each other's guts right now—which we all know leads to true love on soaps—wouldn't it be great if Vange woke up just as her sister and her fiance were falling for each other?

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How would Evangeline, who prior to her accident served as Todd's (Trevor St. John) moral compass, and one-time potential love interest,  feel when she learns the man she risked her reputation to believe in had actually re-raped Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell)? Then there's John (Michael Easton). Would Vange turn to her old flame when she realizes Cris and Layla are in love? Her other paramour RJ (Timothy Stickney) is also rumored to be heading back to Llanview for a bit, could sparks reignite there?

How would Evangeline and the soon-to-be-returning Rachel mesh with one another? Vangie has such a close relationship with Rachel's mother Nora (Hillary B. Smith), could that cause some resentment between the two women? Would the troubled Rachel (Daphne Duplaix) resent the "perfect' Vange for being more of a daughter to Nora than she is? The possibilities are endless.