Did Bloom Prevent Jack Smith From Saving All My Children?

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TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco makes a shocking claim in this week's Suds Report. Are CBS Daytime honcho Barbara Bloom and All My Children executive producer Julie Hanan Caruthers "soap blocking" each other's respective networks?

Here's what Branco has to say:


Memo to Les Moonves, Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons: According to sources, CBS Daytime VP Barbara Bloom and AMC executive Julie Hanan Carruthers, who are best bitch pals, have systemically killed various casting coups between CBS and ABC for personal and professional agendas. Sounds like corporate sabotage to me. More proof that these selfish friendships are killing the business.

• Remember when former Y&R head writers Jack Smith and Kay Alden were placed on ABC holding deals? Once again, Babs killed that. Apparently, Brian Frons wanted the duo to take over AMC before those hacks Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown took over Agnes Nixon’s favourite soap. Babs, who allegedly despises Smith, demanded Caruthers put an end to the appointment. And then they wonder why AMC was almost cancelled."