General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.03.09


Happy Friday.... Ask away!

Welcome back Jerry Jacks. Too bad your baby brother isn’t as happy to see you.

Jason levels a threat at Ric. The mobster threatens to kill the attorney if he’s holding information about Michael’s shooting. Will Ric die leaving Jason with a need for an alibi?

Carly can’t give up on Michael… But what if it’s at the expense of his life? Here’s my question… we all know a new Michael is coming, it’s been announced, so he’s obviously coming out of the coma. Is all this “the procedure can kill him” drama really necessary? We all know he doesn’t die. Move the story along, right now it’s the only thing holding my attention. Well that and…

Liason! Woohoo… I am such a sucker. Not even thirty seconds in a scene together and I get excited. Will the scene continue on? It MAY and RUMOR has it Jason inquires about his son. But is there more to this?

Jason and Robin scenes have been popping up left and right. There’s all this Patrick and Elizabeth CHATTER. Are TPTB trying to test the waters? Some say yes, others say no way. There will be more drama with Robin’s PPD as it seems it’s lasting well into April despite RUMORS that it was to be wrapping up soon. Patrick pulls Robin out of the harbor today and she is rushed to Mercy. Later, Patrick sees Robin getting comfort from Jason. Will Patrick ever be able to forget seeing his wife with another man? Remember, as of right now, Patrick thinks more happened in Rochester than just a kiss. Robin is RUMORED to question the time Elizabeth is spending with her husband and daughter. Do matters get worse when Robin tries to surprise Patrick and Emma in the park only to see him there with Elizabeth? There have been RUMORS that Robin will go away for treatment for her Post Partum much like Carly did when she suffered from PPD.


More on Carly… I mentioned yesterday that she runs into Claudia at the OB/GYN’s office. Will Carly have a secret of her own to keep from Jax? Dr. Lee is RUMORED to tell Carly there is no way she carry a child without dire harm coming to her. Really? I completely understand that women encounter fertility issues and that some woman cannot carry a child but does every pregnancy storyline have to have dire consequences, scary deliveries or miracle conceptions? Just once I would like to see a happy and healthy couple decides that they want a child and everything goes fine. They would of course have to commit to telling a story with a pairing that is happy and we know that never happens on GH. Instead, we have a mob moll trying to get pregnant so that her husband doesn’t kill her when he finds out she’s responsible for his son being in a coma. Ahhh…. Love in the Afternoon.


Carly and Claudia bump into each other at the doctor’s office… Claudia and Olivia go toe to toe over Sonny. Claudia isn’t happy that Olivia has been sniffing around her man and you know that bond Olivia and Sonny have. The bond that is twenty-five years old and we never saw or heard about… that one.

I’m really bored with NotEmily and Nikolas. This magic that is SUPPOSED to be recaptured just is capturing my attention. Maybe Helena can breathe some fire into their storyline when she returns on the 14th. That’s the day GH re-opens. Thank God! I am really sick and tired of all hospital business happening in Mercy’s lobby. I would have rather seen the nurses and doctors work out of Nikolas’s clinic while GH was being rebuilt. Remember the clinic? I’m sure those sets weren’t cheap and now they’re all but a distant memory. We’re in a recession peeps and you’re the lowest rated ABC soap right now. Time to get thrifty.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Maxie and Johnny get horizontal. Michael finds out about Jake and questions Jason. Is Robin getting desperate? Rebecca’s connection to Helena comes out. Will Rebecca’s “relationship” with Nikolas put a wrench in Hell’s plans? Holly returns to stir up trouble. Kristina and Michael are a handful for their mothers.