General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Kudos to Laura Wright and Kimberly McCullough today.

Let me start with Kimberly. Again, I loved the Sonny/Robin scene and I thought he had gotten through to her about the meds, until she ripped up the prescription. One minor little glitch, I wasn't sure if it was a blooper or if it was written that way, but Robin said, "What kind of mother needs medication?" (or something like that, I can't remember the exact words) and then about a minute later, she repeated the line. I thought she might have flubbed something there. Plus, Maurice Benard sort of jumped in with "you said that already". But, I love how seamless the two of them are together, without trying too hard, coughClaudiacough.

There was a good scene on the docks with the Emma figment of her imagination. Though I do wonder how Robin fell in the water and why Patrick thought to look on the docks for her in the first place.

Now onto Laura. I loved her knocking Claudia down a peg at Michael's bedside. I hated Claudia's whole logic of, 'hey, I'm married to his father, therefore I have rights'. I loved the scene at the warehouse where Carly was running everything in her mind again. As much as I don't like Jason I was glad he showed up, like he knew she'd be there.

So, on the anniversary of the shooting Carly is reliving it, Jason is trying to find out more about who's responsible and Sonny, well, Sonny's having sex with Claudia. This is still the same day she had sex with Ric isn't it? She still hasn't showered, unless she did and put on the same clothes she had on before. Ick.

What happened to the car accident woman to make her change her mind? One minute she's saying, 'let me die' and the next minute Liz and Patrick are patting themselves on the back for a surgery well done.

Rebecca gets the schizophrenic award of the day. "I don't want the biopsy for completely lame reasons. Ok, I'll have the biopsy". What the heck? If she was sedated, she shouldn't have been left alone even if Nikolas was going to be in the room.