Y&R's Kay and Jill: A Love (to Hate) Story

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Once upon a time, a society maven hired an ambitious girl, just out of her teens, to be her manicurist/defacto sober coach. When that woman's long-unsatisfied husband began to notice the significant "charms" of his wife's nubile young assistant, a feud began the would anchor The Young and the Restless for decades. Tragically, a few years back, the sudser decided to go down the contrived, asinine path of making daytime's best rivals mother and daughter. This past week, that same soap, finally under the direction of someone who values history—what a shocker in this day and age—rectified that decision in yet another decided step toward getting Y&R back to the type of show the late Bill Bell would be proud of. Brava.  As we eagerly await the next chapter of Kay vs. Jill, here's a look back at their outrageous love-to-hate past.