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Guiding Light Moment: Billy to Mindy: "You're NOT My Daughter!"

Welcome to one of the reasons why I watched Guiding Light. My older sister and I had to take a stroll back in time and relive the moments in our heads about what got us hooked on GL. I remember watching the storyline play out when one of soaps ultimate bad boys Roger Thorpe (the late Michael Zaslow) was hitting the sheets with his enemy Billy's (Jordan Clarke) baby girl, Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis played by Kimberley Simms at the time. So what if Roger and Mindy were tearing up a box spring, they are both adults right?

That would be true if his WIFE Alexandra Spaulding (the late Beverly McKinsey) weren't in the way. After Alex found out, she blackmailed Mindy and only later revealed the sordid affair when she couldn't figure out another way to get that heifer out of her son Nick McHenry's (Vincent Irizarry) life. The lesson my sister and I learned was to never mess with Alex Spaulding because old girl didn't play!

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