General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.06.09


Will Robin go away for treatment? Is Shadybrook really “away?” RUMOR has it after Robin crashes her car, with Emma in it, she decides to go away to get treated for her PPD. Patrick wants her to say in Port Charles for treatment.

Of course Robin heading out town opens the door for more Patrick and Elizabeth RUMBLES. Will it happen? I don’t think so but Guza is never above a little angst. Elizabeth MAY just fill that role in Scrubs’ story.

Who’s pregnant? Who’s getting shot? RUMORS say Carly pees on a stick and it’s a baby! Jason is with her when she takes the pregnancy test. But who’s catching a bullet? Remember I mentioned last week someone may be getting in the way and getting shot. Is Jason holding the smoking gun? Is this why he needs an alibi? What happens to Carly and Jax when Carly finds out her husband has been keeping secrets? Will a baby make everything ok?

Another high risk pregnancy…
Yeah yeah yeah, I know, Carly has issues. I’m still waiting for that happy baby storyline. Sue me for not loving all the doom and gloom. Is this why everyone keeps Carly in the dark about Claudia having a role in Michael’s shooting?

The Corinthos Kids… Kristina got a mention by Grandpa Mike last week and that was just a set up for the SORAS’d Kristina to hit our screens. She’s going to be hell on wheels. Michael won’t be a walk in the park either when he wakes up. Will his awakening give Claudia a little reprieve? RUMORS say Michael coming out of the coma puts a halt on Sonny and Jason digging into Michael’s shooting and what Claudia is hiding. What about Morgan and Molly? The GOSSIP is that both are getting aged and Morgan MAY become a little mini-Mikey when he butts heads with his step-father.

According to Tyler Christopher, Helena will be around for “a while.” But will GH use her and use her properly is the question? Another bit of info courtesy of a fellow Buckeye… TC says the writers MAY not even know who Rebecca really is.

CRAZY RUMOR… That as Carly is losing her child, Claudia finds out she is pregnant. Is Carly caught in the violence? Will the violence ever end? More RANDOM RUMORS… Ric is murdered. Bye Bye Kate. Is Olivia leaving? Tracy thinks Ethan may be Luke’s son. Who’s bedding NotEmily? Another JoMax kiss. Patrick airs his and Robin’s dirty laundry. Alexis believes Rebecca is one of Helena’s minions. When Michael wakes up and shuns Jason will Sam be their go between? Regan is over this show and how they write Jason Morgan.