General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I liked the Patrick/Robin stuff today. I liked that they talked and she told him pretty much everything that she and the therapist talked about. I also think she really fell in the water by accident. I liked Maxie and Matt's involvement in the story and wished Matt would have a bigger role. I liked that Matt is the voice of reason and that Maxie didn't believe him at first. I wasn't thrilled with Patrick giving Robin the medication. I felt that he was forcing her and she hadn't made the decision on her own. Overall, it was pretty decent.

One thing that bothered me though. Robin said she ran into Carly on the docks the first time and then went to see Sonny. I don't remember a Carly/Robin scene. That's something I would have been interested in seeing. Did I miss it or did it end up on the cutting room floor?

Sorry Claudia, but you can't take a pregnancy test 5 minutes after having sex. Even Sonny's super sperm isn't that powerful. Also, if Sonny really is so adamant about no more kids, why doesn't he get himself over to Mercy and have himself a snip-snip?

I still liked the Carly/Jason stuff, but I wasn't happy that Jason threatened my man Ric. I think Ric should send everyone (Carly, Sonny, Jason) a copy of the DVD, anonymously, then watch everyone self destruct. Plus, I'm surprised Jason hasn't figured it out on his own. He thinks that Ric has something on Claudia, which is why Ric seems very sure of himself whenever he's around her. He also knows why Johnny was fighting with Ric the other day, then Ric shows up at the warehouse on the anniversary of Michaels' shooting. Jason's always the go-to guy when someone needs to figure something out, so I thought for sure he would have figured it out by now. Besides, I kind of want to see Claudia pee herself when she realizes that Jason, the almighty mob hitman, knows the truth.

I'm still not caring about anything Nem, or should I say Neb.