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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.07.09

The new digs debut next week!
General Hospital got an update. It’s all set up and ready for the ribbon cutting just waiting for Helena to drop in and put a damper on it. I know I was not all for the new sets but they look good. Now let’s hope they’re used as GH has not focused around the hospital as much as it should.


Helena reveals herself on the hospital monitors. Dedications and speeches are being shown and then the lights go out. Another black out hitting Port Chuck? Nope! It’s Helena making her grand entrance. Alexis believes Rebecca is a Helena implant and it APPEARS her fears are validated when Nikolas sees Rebecca meeting with Hells.

Claudia… Jerry… Is he done with his games? It looks like Sebastian Roche will only be around for a handful of episodes but will it tie up his storyline? When Ric goes to burst Claudia’s bubble, the evidence he has is tampered with and Claudia is in the clear for the time being. What about that extra copy Ric made? Jerry is RUMORED to tell Claudia she may have escaped that one but she’ll never know when the next reveal will be dropped. Is Jerry hip to Ric’s games? SPOILERS say he tells both Ric and Claudia he’s calling all the shots. Is Sonny getting a DVD of his very own? Looks like he is but what will stop him from seeking revenge on his wife? Will it be a baby on the way? Will it be an innocent bystander getting caught in the crossfire? Or could it be something else entirely?

Some are suggesting that Sonny and Company are so preoccupied with Michael waking up that Claudia becomes an afterthought. Somehow I don’t see Jason forgetting. Could all the mob stuff finally be catching up to the mobsters?

The truth always comes out and what may not have Sonny and Jason reaching for their guns will have an effect on Carly’s marriage. Jax knows the truth, he’s already spilled to Olivia, destroyed the evidence he had and RUMORS still say he’ll learn that Kate has known all along. When Carly learns the truth, will that mean the end of her and Jax? What about the baby? I’m still seeing RUMORS that Dr. Lee advises against Carly getting pregnant only it appears Dr. Lee is a little too late with her advice. Is a baby enough to keep CarJax together? Is timing everything?

Scrubs drama continues… I mentioned Patrick airing their dirty laundry yesterday. He’ll accuse Robin of cheating on him in front of their colleagues. Kelly Lee suggests that Robin try to make things work with her family and a great first step is to actually spend time with them. That’s what has Robin heading to the park where she sees Patrick and Emma with Elizabeth and the boys. Robin decides to stop taking her antidepressants. Is this when tragedy strikes? There are RUMORS that something happens as a result. One was that car accident I mentioned yesterday but it COULD be direr than that. RUMORS still say that Robin and Patrick try to get back on track. Will her leaving for treatment make things better or worse?

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CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Is Rebecca getting the all clear? RUMORS say she and Nikolas celebrate her test results but is it Lucky she’s getting close with? A fan event had Tyler C. spilling a little dirt in which he did say it looks like Rebecca is getting pushed towards Lucky right now. So are the CRAZY RUMORS/POSSIBLE FANFIC true? One has Lucky and Rebecca doing the deed and someone being a witness to the aftermath. Is Johnny heading back to the mob? If it’s the only way to protect Claudia, he will. Olivia and Carly confidantes? Carly needs a female friend. Tracy tells Ethan she’s on to him. Will she be desperate to keep Lulu and Ethan apart when she thinks Ethan is Luke’s son? More Ethan vs. Lucky and it APPEARS Lucky is the loser once again.