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Nathan Fillion Pretended To Be "Deranged Oddball"

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Castle star Nathan Fillion(ex-Joey Buchanan, One Life to Live) did an interview with'sPop Watch blogger Mandi Bierly and admitted to writing fan letters to his friends on the show. Check it out.


Did you ever write a fan letter to anyone when you were young? If so, who?

[Laughs] I did a soap opera [One Life to Live], one of my first jobs, and I would write fan letters to friends on my show like I was some kind of deranged oddball. Not dangerous, just odd. I'm a righty, so I would make sure to write it with my left hand. And I signed up for one of my friends' fan club, too, so I got a membership card.

Wouldn't it be fun to know who he wrote those fan letters to? Gotta to love Nathan Fillion.  It's nice to know that Castle is holding its own on ABC. Hopefully it gets picked up.

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