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PETA Goes Bananas Over Jesse McCartney Eating Monkey Brains

Uh oh. It looks like soap stud-turned-pop star Jesse McCartney has run afowl, I mean afoul, of the good folks over at PETA. According to Allie Is Wired, the All My Children alum and Greek guest star has ruffled the feathers of the animal activism group by copping to eating monkey brains during a recent trip to Asia. Here's what McCartney had to say for himself: 


It was a little chewy and a little bland. It could have been seasoned a lit bit more to tell you the truth."

Poor kid. Someone should have told him it would have been a better career move to admit to doing heroin or cheating on his taxes than daring to admit to being a carnivore in Hollyweird. Here's PETA's statement:

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You'd have to be bananas to eat monkey flesh or any meat. When it comes to the ability to feel pain and suffer, a monkey is no different from chickens, cows and pigs. All animals deserve respect, which is why PETA promotes a vegetarian lifestyle.

I totally agree with PETA. All animals should be respected. Why I had plenty of respect for each and every rabbit my grandfather used to shoot and skin for my grandmother to make rabbit gravy and mashed potatoes back home in Texas. Those little critters gave their lives so that we could have something to eat—of course we could have always ordered a pizza from the Front Street Junction— and yes, they tasted just like chicken! RIP Fluffy, Peter Cottontail and Skittles.