The Young and the Restless Spoilers


Hey kids! Mama has a few spoilers for you to chew on from The Young and the Restless.


Victor: He shoots Jill down when she tries to get a job at Newman.

Katherine: In the heat of the moment, she says some nasty things to Jill that she regrets.

Billy: He steals a kiss from Mac.

Kevin/Amber: He's moved to the nut house while Amber's out on bail. Later on, Mac visits Kevin and tries to snap him out of his mental state.

The lovebird teens get busted in an intimate moment.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: Say goodbye Phick fans, the duo finally call it quits after they both come to the realization that Nick is still in love with Sharon. Nick and Sharon make love at the Abbott cabin once again while Phyllis unleashes her rage in Sharon's suite. When she does this, she finds some items that Sharon has stolen and calls the cops on her! Sharon gets arrested for grand theft. Michael ends up finding out about the bind Ms. Abbott's in and figures out that Sharon's the one that swiped the books Eden got busted for. Sharon's life is in Lauren's hands..

Tyra: She files a motion in court to get custody of Ana.

Rumor: Victor has JT dig up dirt on Colleen in order to get her off the Newman board.