Thomas Calabro Reprises "Michael Mancini" For CW Melrose Update

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Okay, this freaking new Melrose Place is shaping up to be pretty doggone sick! FOX's nastiest doctor ever, sorry House fans,  is heading for The CW update of Melrose Place. is reporting Thomas Calabro will be reprising the role of Dr. Michael Mancini who cheated on his fashion designer wife Jane (Josie Bissett) with Kimberly Shaw (Marcia Cross), ultimately leading Kimberly down a path so dark it lead toher going so bat poop crazy that she blew up the entire complex, among other things. First Syd, now Michael, PLEASE CW rescue Bissett from that awful ABC Family teen pregnancy drama, The Secret Life of an American Teenager Who Should Have Been On The Pill! If Jane comes back we're in business! Thanks Scott for the clip!