General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.08.09


Adding more fuel to Robin’s fire… SPOILERS say Robin overhears Patrick talking about her to Elizabeth. Remember, Patrick also calls his wife out about her time in Rochester and his belief that she cheated in front of their friends and co-workers. Will Patrick and Robin work things out? RUMORS say they will start to; there will be a set back and then that dire event. It SHOULD all end with Robin deciding to leave PC for treatment despite Patrick wanting her to stay in town for her therapy. We SHOULD still be seeing the PPD support group that Robin joins that real life PPD sufferer will tell their stories. What’s the dire event? I’m not 100% sure. It APPEARS that it involves some sort of car accident and Emma may or may not be in the car. Some RUMORS have Robin hitting someone.

I’m still not a fan of Ethan but there are RUMORS out there about his true identity. CRAZY RUMOR of the day goes to Ethan Lovett and the RUMBLES that he’s an Eckert. That would make him a relative of Luke Spencer but not his son. Here’s a question to chew on… when Holly hits town, will she recognize Ethan?

Lulu vs. Maxie Round??? I love it when these two battle it out. Lulu set Maxie up to go on that date with Matt and now Maxie wants a little payback. Will flirting with Ethan do the trick? Will Johnny be upset that Lulu gave his gig away? Remember he needs that money from Crimson and Lulu just went and had him replaced. Johnny and Lulu call it quits. Johnny can’t get past his involvement in Michael’s shooting and uses Maxie as the reason for ending things. Tracy wants more dirt on Ethan.

Jerry is back and he’ll be back in PC soon enough. Remember, he’ll make sure Ric and Claudia both know he’s holding all the cards. Does this mean the end for Jerry Jacks is near? He’s only around for a few episodes but it APPEARS his run will not end in Jerry’s death. Since he’s only here for a bit, does that mean those RUMORS that Jerry is working with Helena are false? It SEEMS so and really, I never bought into those.


Ric outs Claudia… Why does he give up the goods? Jason and Sonny are starting to think that Ric may not just have information but could he be involved as well? Ric has to lay all his cards on the table and point Jason in Claudia’s direction. What will Sonny do? Will Jason and Sonny believe Ric when the evidence he has is no good? Remember, the DVD has been tampered with. Who messed with Ric’s evidence?

RANDOM RUMORS… Spinelli sees Johnny and Maxie kiss. He also shows Jason proof that Jerry Jacks is alive. Will Elizabeth help Nikolas see what Alexis is trying to warn him of? Does Carly tell Jax about Dr. Lee’s warning?

Programming Note... No spoiler blog on Friday. I'm taking the day off for the holiday weekend.