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LIVEBLOGGING: DAYS Alum Blake Berris on The Mentalist

Let the Live Blogging begin!


Never seen this show.

The girl from The Craft is doing some CSI stuff in Hollywood.

Okay, it's a movie-themed eppy. Blake told me that!

Is that Heather Tom's sister playing Marilyn Monroe?

Maybe? Maybe not?

So The Mentalist can tell when people are lying? Ahhh. He should work for a soap magazine.

The Mentalist and the girl from The Craft just discovered dope.

So if I take this pill for arthritis, it will give me a stroke. Ben Gay anyone?

Back on!

Chick from The Craft is questioning some movie guy, with Simon Baker.

Felicia Scott, Love Times Too, Baby Your Mine, Sudden Embrace.

She's an actress. She's part of the plot. I am so floating here. Paging Tina, Mistress of Crime!

Hey! That girl on the phone was on The OC!

Procedurals are like television homecoming parties. Show up and you're bound to see someone ya know!

The mother is lying I bet.

The daughter is sneaky!

Who is that dude in that picture heifer?

Ah the plot thickens!

The Kelly Osborne-esque daughter is the key!

I read at least 100 new Nancy Drew Case Files, not to mention all the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mysteries!

They let em get a way!

See this is where McCall and Hunter would have caught the bad guys.

Remember when CBS was all about old people and Designing Women? Now it's the murder channel! Maybe that's why Ellen Wheeler made killers the leads on GL for so long?

Okay, show's back on.

Psst. don't tell Nathan Fillion, but I like this show better.

The girl from The Craft is really the star. Why don't I know her name, like I know Simon Baker. Simon Baker. Simon Baker.

Dude with a Greg Brady perm is doing dump in his trailer.

Girl from The Craft and The Mentalist just busted him.

He called Felicia a stupid bee youch.

He just said schmuck! Snort.

Okay, now they're shooting a movie.

The daughter is a bad actress. In the movie within a show!

Ha! Her name is Daisy! Bad acting Daisys in daytime and primetime on CBS!

Blake Berris sighting!

Nice kiss!

Nice cockney accent!

The Mentalist just cornered the daughter.

Felicia isn't her real mom.

Agent taking the rap for his client's dope.

Side cop character wants to know who killed Felix.

Who is Felix?

Felix and Felicia. Luke and Laura. Discuss

Girl from The O.C. sighting! She was Kiki's trashy sister!

Awww, Kiki! The O.C. died too soon! Sigh.

Okay, Kiki's slutty sister just found the daughter.

I wonder what Summer and Cohen would be up to now?

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I love Snoopy. Even though he's trying to sell me insurance.

Castle is more edge of your seat, but The Mentalist has better writing and more believable characters.

Okay, they are questing a perp about Felix and about the daughter who plays Daisy in the movie within the show, whose real mom is a drunk.

Wow this plot is hard to follow.

I told you the daughter was a hot mess!

She's in love with some tool named Brandon.

Okay, her mom and dad forbad her from seeing this Brandon.

Did she and Brandon kill her dad? Gasp. Kids today.

Browbeat the little heifer!

Close the blinds and throw her to the floor.

Step on the small of her back!

Okay, soooo, the daughter is hooking up with Brandon. Who killed the dad? Syd? Brandon? I bet The Mentalist will figure it out!

Is the Mama screwing Brandon?

I wonder if the girl from The Craft will do "light as a feather, stiff as a board" for old times sake?

Some dude just entered with a gun!

The cops are going in after him!

It's the dude from the Cuban soap opera that Jimmy Smitts stared in!

What was it called?

Awesome show!

It was like Dallas in Florida... CANE! I miss Cane!

She killed the kid from Cane. Heifer.

The Mom set him up!

I think Blackberrys are why we are in a recession. All these people buying phones they can't afford. Don't make no doggone sense!

You can tell you're in a recession when Marshalls and TJ Maxx air during every break.

That mom played by SImon Baker's wife is a killer!


I bet the mom was boinking her daughter's boyfriend. And got him to kill her husband!

 Dude from Cane needs a new pilot. He would KILL as Dante on General Hospital. I think I will look up his name and do a Wishful Casting.

Your stepmom is sleeping with your boyfriend girl!

Prerequisite sexual chemistry between The Mentalist and the no-nonsense lady cop, from The Craft. Light as a feather, stiff as a board.

Stepmom Killer and daughter are back.

Oh wow! The daughter just went ape poop!

I knew it!

Nasty heifer.

Slept with her stepdaughter's man!


I'm quitting soap blogging and applying for the police academy.

Tell the truth and shame the devil you heifer!

Aw naw, the ho is telling ALL her business! Don't she realize she just incriminated herself?

Hey, wasn't this the plot of a Susan Lucci TV movie?

Lying heifer! She seduced that boy!

This kid is SO Dante!

Bump Tom Pelphrey!

The guy from Cane IS Dante!

She's acting again!

The Mentalist believes her.

Good show! All this liveblogging might make me like procedurals!