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Wishful Casting Crossover Stunt: What if B&B's Ann Douglas Was Y&R's Jill's Bio Mom?

Now that The Bold and the Beautiful is beginning to once again resemble something deserving of being shown on television, you know, like Cops or Maury Povich, my creative juices are beginning to perk up about the show. This is in large part due to the hella-hot May/December romance jumping off between Lesley-Anne Downe (Jackie) and Brandon Beemer(Owen). Downe has always proven electric opposite a good boy toy, whether it be Eddie Cibrian (ex-Cole, Sunset Beach) or Sean Kanan(ex-Deacon, B&B), so putting the sexy cougar with a guy who could be Brad Pitt's dark-haired little brother was a no brainer.

Betty White

So now that B&B has actually given me a reason to tune back in, how about they up the ante by doing the mother of all crossover storylines with their sister soap The Young and the Restless? What if Pam (Alley Mills) and Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) bitchtastic mother Ann (Betty White) turned out to be the biological mother of Genoa City's Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton)?

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The roots of the storyline are already there. A while back it was revealed that Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) had an affair with Ann's husband, which led to the reveal that Stephanie, not Eric (John McCook) was the sole owner of Forrester Creations, so the characters already have history.

What if the twisted Ann learned of her husband's affair and somehow switched her baby, Jill, with Pam to keep her real child safe from her abusive husband? Or, maybe Ann simply didn't want her rival to raise her husband's child? I know it was revealed that some old geeze played by the guy who was Spencer Harrison on Another World was Kay's baby daddy, but making it the late Mr. Douglas would be more explosive! 

What if the child a no-doubt drunken Kay gave to Charlotte, who was then left at the hospital where Pop Foster found her, was really Ann's baby? Imagine if loopy Pam was really Katherine Chancellor's daughter and Jill was Stephanie's half sister? Jess Walton and Susan Flannery were born to play warring half siblings!

Meanwhile Alley Mills' Pammy visiting Genoa City and getting mixed up with equally whacked out locals like Esther (Kate Linder) or Gloria (Judith Chapman) would be a hoot! Mills is too talented for the ham and cheese schtick they have her performing opposite Jennifer Gareis (Donna). Leave that business to stellar thespians like Ron Mossand Drew Tyler Bell. Mills was on The Wonder Years for Bill Bell's sake! 

Jill being the aunt of the Forrester offspring would also facilitate more GC appearances for the underused Lesli Kay (Felicia), who could come to town to bond with her new aunt and cousins. Maybe Felicia could run into a soon-to-be-single Nick Newman (Josh Morrow) again? Perhaps Flea could bring her brother Thorne (Winsor Harmon) along for a visit? Lord knows he doesn't have anything better to do back home. Why shouldn't Thorne get a turn on the Sharon-(Sharon Case)-Go-Round? Everyone else is! 

Even better, maybe Thorne could shake up a few of GC's more snoretastic marriages by flirting with Lauren (Tracey Bregman) or Victoria (Amelia Heinle)? Not sold yet? Just think of the octagerian smack down between Betty White and Jeanne Cooper as Ann and Kay hash out their 60-year-old feud on two soaps during Sweeps! What if Ann takes a liking to old Murph (Michael Fairman) while in town visiting Jill, the daughter she gave up? No matter how you shake it, this could be the biggest Y&R/B&B crossover since the Sheila vs. Lauren feud headed down from Wisconsin and landed in SoCal!