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Wishful Casting: Michael Trevino as General Hospital's Dante

Okay, while liveblogging Days of Our Lives gradBlake Berrison tonight's episode of The Mentalist, I saw the PERFECT person to play the much-talked about Son of Sonny on General Hospital, Michael Trevino! This kid looks just like a young Maurice Benard, and, he can act, if you don't believe me, check out his turn as Jamie Vega on the short-lived CBS sudser Cane. He did a pretty impressive job as the son of Jimmy Smits,so I bet he could hold his own with Benard. Plus the kid also looks like he could be Lisa LoCicero's son, which sorry, Tom Pelphreydoes NOT! 

Trevino also has a recurring role on 90210—we won't hold that against him. GH casting director Mark Teschner needs to get this boy on the phone PRONTO! Check out the You Tube clips below! Dante has been found!

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