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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.09.09


Remember no Spoilers tomorrow… have a happy holiday weekend!

More Scrubs Drama… I’m sort of on the fence with this storyline and really the only thing that has me on the fence is the actors. Otherwise, I’d be firmly on the ‘I do not like this one bit’ side of that fence. More drama headed our way when Patrick calls Robin out for cheating on him. I get that Robin is sick, even though the writing of this illness isn’t where I’d like it to be, I still get that she’s sick. But do we really need every other character involved to look like such an ass? Namely Patrick. I should, as a fan, be able to feel for Robin due to her illness. I don’t need to hate Patrick to achieve that. I wonder what the real – life PPD sufferers who will be part of the support group Robin joins think of GH’s version of Postpartum. Back to SCOOPS, will Robin and Patrick’s personal problem interfere with their work as doctors? No, I’m not rehashing ‘should couples argue in front of their co-workers’ debate. Scrubs MAY have to scrub in on a surgery and they don’t check their issues at the OR door.

Is there more to the Elizabeth and Nikolas stuff coming up? RUMORS sure seem to point that way. Elizabeth SHOULD be helping Nikolas to open his eyes a bit to Rebecca and the concerns Alexis has about the look-a-like. RUMOR, SPOILER or FANFIC? Are Nikolas and Elizabeth getting a little too close? More MAY be unfolding at the end of the month... just in time for Sweeps which kicks off on the 24th.

Carly takes a test and Jason provides support. Dr. Lee tells Carly that getting pregnant could result in her death and Carly is scared of the choice she has to make should the test come back positive. RUMOR has it, she is preggers but what will Carly do?

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Is Claudia giving us another Corinthos kid? She’s trying to and Sonny will find out she had something to do with Michael’s shooting. Since there is nothing saying that Claudia bites the big one… I’m ASSUMING Claudia does get pregnant or she fakes on. Question is: Who’s the daddy? Sonny or Ric? When Ric blabs Claudia’s secret to Sonny who will Sonny believe? His conniving brother or guilty wife? Remember, Ric’s DVD is tampered with helping Claudia’s cause but will Jason believe the mob moll over his enemy?


Jerry is in charge… And after a great visit to his brother’s, Ric comes home to an uninvited guest. Spinelli knows Jerry is alive because he’s been digging into Devlin’s bank accounts again. Jerry has been stealing money from the dead man’s hands.

Johnny and Lulu end… some of the blame is placed on Maxie who Lulu wants to move out of their apartment. Maxie is getting the brush off from all sides… her roomie and bestie. Spinelli spies Johnny and Maxie in a lip lock and gives Maxie the cold shoulder.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Helena pays a visit to Wyndamere. Rebecca is there with Nikolas. Why is she insistent on getting a painting out of the spooky castle? Would Jax threaten his brother’s life? Will others finally step up and help out with baby Emma? Does Ethan try to leave town only to be stopped? NO! Let him leave… I beg you please. Lulu mixes it up with Rebecca. Is Sam getting a roommate?

Have a great weekend and since we'll be missing tomorrow...
if you have any questions, ask away!