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Grading Amber Tamblyn's The Unusuals

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Last night Amber Tamblyn'sThe Unusuals premiered after Lost. I don't know what you all thought, but I really enjoyed it. It was quirky without being crazy. Tamblyn's character Casey Shraeger is a Park Avenue princess who turned her back on "the sweet life" to become a detective. Now she's been transferred to the Homicide unit from Vice and her boss, Sergeant Harvey Brown, reveals that he's had her transferred into his unit help him clean it up and uncover what is really going on.


Tamblyn is paired with Jeremy Renner, who portrays her new partner Detective Jason Walsh. I found them to be an oddly perfect combination. Like ABC's other new crime drama Castle, both actors anchor the show and had great chemistry. What separates The Unusuals from Castle is that unlike Castle, The Unusuals doesn't still need to flesh out its "supporting" characters or provide us with their motivation. I love Nathan Fillion in Castle and will be watching it each week, but its supporting characters aren't quite where they need to be, yet.

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All in all I'd give the episode a solid A and will definitely being tuning in next week.

What grade do you give The Unusuals?