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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Seems like lovemaking and lies are on tap for The Young and the Restless.


Tyra: She gets custody of Ana.

Cane/Lily: He pops the question to her again.

Murphy tries to reason with Jill on not shutting Katherine out, but Jill remains stubborn about the situation. Somehow Murphy gets through to Jill, but when she sees the latest Restless Style magazine, she puts those walls back up again.

Jill comes to the conclusion that Katherine did the magazine cover as a way to embarrass her like she was when Katherine published her memoirs. Jill rips into Katherine, which prompts Katherine to tear right back into her and say she's happy that Jill isn't her daughter. Jill turns up at Chancellor and sees that her belongings have been boxed up when Katherine shows up and tries to apologize for what she said to her earlier. Katherine tries to explain to Jill that she wasn't behind her stuff being removed, but Jill doesn't believe her.

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Kevin: He starts to have hallucinations of the Chipmunk and gets bullied in jail.

Michael: When he finds out that it was Sharon who stole the books that Eden was accused of, he ditches her as his client.

Noah/Eden: When the lovebirds head up to the Abbott cabin to give into their passion, Eden puts the breaks on things and tells Noah she wants to wait. Next week though, the duo seem to give it the old college try again.

Nick/Sharon: They head up to the Abbott cabin searching for Eden and Noah. Lauren spots the teens at Crimson Lights and tries to reach Nick, but isn't able to. Later on, Nick and Sharon hit the sheets once again.

Phyllis: She goes to Nikki for guidance.

Ashley: She stars to "see Sabrina", but doesn't realize that she's being hustled by Adam! Guess his humble facade is just that when he starts to gaslight Ashley into thinking that she's haunted by Victor's dead wife.