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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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For those keeping track, my daughter turned one today! Now onto the show…

Call me crazy, but I like Matt and Maxie together. I liked Lulu’s attempt to matchmake because Julie Marie Berman played it as cute and not shrill and Maxie just seemed so very exasperated. Of course, I won’t like the fallout when Maxie pays Lulu back by doing something with Johnny, but for today, I thought it was cute. I also liked that Kate was involved, since it gave her something to do.

I really, really want the Claudia/Michael secret to come out. I’m so tired of all these people, knowing the truth but keeping it a secret for the dumbest reasons. I’m tired of the eleventy seventh conversation between Claudia and Johnny about it. "I’m trying to protect YOU, Johnny." No she isn’t, she’s covering her own butt and using Johnny as an excuse.

Loved the Spinelli/Sam/Jason/Bernie stuff today. I found it funny every time Bernie asked why they thought it was strange that he would be a PI. McCall-Jackal should make for some funny stuff if they let them.

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Lulu/Ethan: I'm not liking that story one bit. Even if it turns out he’s not her half brother, the fact that they are bringing the two together where the fans think that’s it’s a possibility, is all kinds of ick for me.

Nikolas/Emily, uh, I mean, Nikolas/Rebecca, still can’t muster any excitement for them.

Loving me some Ric eye candy, but dude, just spill the beans already. Or better yet, mail Sonny a copy of the DVD and wash your hands of the whole thing.