Grading Southland

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Last night NBC's Southland premiered staring Benjamin McKenzie (Ex-Ryan Atwood The O.C.), Tom Everett Scott, and Kevin Alejandro (Ex-Dominic Hughes, Y&R) to name a few.


Benjamin McKenzie's character Ben Sherman is a rookie for the LAPD, the episode focuses around him and his first day protecting the L.A. streets, the show did a very good job laying the foundation for the secondary characters, while we may not have a true connection to them yet, the groundwork has already began and it is only a matter of time before we are invested in the officers lives.

While watching this show I saw a few similarities to ER but the more I watched I could not help but think it was on the wrong network, I really think this show would have done a lot better if it was on a cable network such as FX, with that said I really enjoyed the show, it has a strong cast, and strong characters and I am interested in seeing where the show goes. 

All in all I would give the show a solid B, it was a really good premiere and I will be tuning in to future episodes.

What grade do you give Southland?