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AMC's Chuck Pratt Blames Rianca Story Bomb on Riegel's Exit

Another week, another opportunity for All My Children's head hack Chuck Pratt to stick his foot firmly in his mouth. When last we left Pratt, he was telling AMC's cast to "watch out" for Jamie Luner, basically laying the cards for another ABC PR nightmare if Luner proves a dismal failure replacing beloved Marcy Walker as Liza. Now, according to TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, he's blaming Pine Valley's sweetheart Eden Riegel (Bianca), for his lazy, shiftless storytelling for the Rianca storyline.


AMC head writer Chuck Pratt blames the mess on Riegel’s exit for pilot season. “I was led to believe we had her for longer than we really did — suddenly I got word that Eden is leaving now,” he says. Meanwhile, Braun had agreed to a six-month stay, so that left her neurotic, sexually confused character dangling in the wind.

“We got to play everything we wanted to with Bianca and Reese but not in the time we’d hoped for — in my mind, it was a two-year story,” Pratt continues. “I guess I could have rushed to the wedding earlier so that they’d have had more time together as a married couple and then had them break up, but I think the fans would have been even more unsatisfied with that."

Wow...just wow. So Riegel's schedule is to blame for Rianca huh? Whose frequent flyer miles does Pratt attribute to the rest of the show being a dismal trainwreck? Is Melissa Clare Egan visiting the Pottery Barn too much during work hours? Is that why Aiden and Annie's storyline is so abyssmal? Is David being written as a mustache-twirling cartoon the result of Vincent Irizarry spending too much time in his dressing room playing XBox? Are Jesse and Angie's story woes due to Darnell Williams taking time off to co-direct Manhattanites? Enquiring soap fans wanna know!

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