General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.13.09


Another explosion? That’s the RUMOR and guess who gets caught in the middle of it all? Jason! It LOOKS LIKE the explosion is meant to get rid of Jerry Jacks. Who’s holding the trigger? You MAY ASSUME Claudia but it COULD be Ric. Remember, Ric wants to call the shots and Jerry is stepping to say he’s the one holding all the cards….err DVDs. RUMORS say Ric sets the explosion but its Claudia to Jason’s rescue.

The explosion COULD impact a couple stories/plot points RUMORED to be happening. One is Claudia’s attempts at getting pregnant with a Corinthos baby. It really shouldn’t be that hard considering its Sonny’s baby she wants. He does have super sperm after all. So IF Claudia gets her wish of yet another Sonny baby and she’s running to Jason’s rescue…

Is the explosion going to give JaSam fans what they’ve been waiting for? That’s a RUMOR out there. Is this what sends Elizabeth to Jake’s where she gets sloshed with an equally irritated Nikolas? Some RUMORS have Elizabeth witnessing a “moment” between Jason and Sam while Nikolas learns of a date night for Lucky and Rebecca. Is this what sends Nikolas to Jake’s looking to drink his sorrows away? These RUMORS helped along the RUMORS last week that Elizabeth and Nikolas MAY be having a drunken hook up. It LOOKS like the drunken hook up however is some drunken kisses and nothing more. We’ll see what actually plays out.

Scrubs Stuff… Robin crashes her car and then heads out to treatment. Apparently it’s a good old car wreck that wakes this Postpartum Mother up. Emma is still SPOILED to be in the car with Robin when the crash happens and both are RUMORED to be A-Ok. Patrick must learn to be a single father. Will family step up and offer some assistance? At some point, Robin stops taking her medication thus making her situation worse leading to the RUMORED wreck.


Back to Jerry… He’s not in town for long but he will hand over a DVD that hasn’t been tampered with. Also, Jerry is leaving Port Charles but it will not be in a body bag.

Is Helena’s return all about a picture? RUMORS started spreading last week that Hells hits town to get a picture from Wyndamere. She’s also there to wreck a little havoc on her grandson’s life. Will Nikolas see Rebecca with Helena? RUMORS say he will spy them together on the docks. Is it Rebecca’s connection to Hells that has her pushing Nikolas away?

Spinelli gives Maxie the heave ho. Will Maxie be Johnny’s go to gal again? She was helpful with getting rid of Ric. Maxie won’t let Spin throw her out with yesterday’s trash. She’ll put up a fight to hang on to her BFF. Maxie heads to Sam for help in wooing Spinelli back to the bad blonde one. Will Sam be on team Maxie?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Michael damaged goods? He MAY think so. Lulu and Ethan see Nikolas and Elizabeth. Carly and Claudia BOTH pregnant? Oh the insanity. Claudia is in damage control mode. Is Ethan working for Helena as well? RUMORS have them “bumping” into one another.