General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Ahh, you’ve got to love Helena and her random maniacal laughter!! I actually chuckled when they revealed it was her. Constance Towers just brings it every time, even in a non speaking scene. Although I’m rather confused as to why and how she’s lurking around a hospital that isn’t opened for business yet, but I’m going with it.

If Rebecca was talking to Helena when she was on the phone in the diner, than I don’t want to be in Rebecca’s shoes. No one talks to the Queen of Villainy like that. I still say it would be cool if Rebecca and Ethan were in cahoots together as grifters, but I’m sure that’s not the case.

Carly/Kelly: So, Kelly’s all about the doom and gloom and worst case scenario and I’m wondering why that’s being said now, a year after Carly’s miscarriage. Shouldn’t she have warned her of all of this before now, to prevent her from accidentally getting pregnant?

Carly/Michael: Am I the only one wondering if he’s lying there thinking, “will all of you people please shut up and let me sleep”? No? Just me then!!

Maxie/Spin: Good scene from both, although I was feeling Maxie more than Spinelli. Maybe because this isn’t the first time they’ve had a fight like this, but I wasn’t feeling it from Bradford. I am hoping this is the wake up call for Maxie to realize that if she still wants to be friends with Spinelli, she can’t treat him like dirt and expect him to stick around. Spinelli also needs to wake up and take Maxie off that pedestal he has her on and realize she’s human with flaws and accept that she will be nothing more than a friend.

I did love the Maxie/Lulu chat at the end, but I’m not sure how Lulu can throw Maxie out of an apartment that Maxie got and pays part of the rent on.

: Meh. They do nothing for me. And he still looks like he needs a shower.

Sonny/Jason/Ric/Claudia: I find it interesting that for months, Sonny was the crazy, delusional one, believing everyone and Elvis was responsible for Kate’s shooting, Michael’s shooting, and the high price of gas, anything he could freak out about. And now, Jason is the one coming off as irrational and blood thirsty above the truth.

I figured there would be something wrong with the DVD, but I was still disappointed when it happened. Just once, can’t Ric catch a break? Can’t this infernal secret come out?