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How Should Guiding Light End Its CBS Run?


For the latest issue of The Suds Report, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco asked soapaholics Mimi Torchin, Carolyn Hinsey, Roger Newcomb and Yours Sarcastically how we would wrap up Guiding Light's storylines on CBS. Now as Newcomb states, we are all hoping negotiations for GL to find a home elsewhere go well, but the soap still deserves a proper send off from CBS, don't you think? Here's what we told the Canadian soap bandit:


Former Soap Opera Weekly editor — and longtime GL super-fan — Mimi Torchin suggests:

I think CBS should have given GL until their 73-year anniversary in January to shape up. Having said that, I want GL to resolve everything. I don’t want a Sopranos-style ending. I pray Reva and Josh aren’t reunited, because I really like Reva and Jeffrey together. Life has changes in it, and soaps need to adapt to that fact of life. One of the reasons why soaps are in dire straits is because viewers have a habit of demanding that nothing changes. It’s one of the reasons soaps are dying. Life changes or you die, and soaps, unfortunately, are either dying or are on life support. Yes, fans can be very forgiving, but in general, we want them to be as they have always been. However, that ends up boring. I’d make Otalia realize they belong together and end the series with an epic happy ending. It’d be a very powerful story that could inspire the other soaps to change with the times. I would hope to see our favourite past characters return to the canvas. Characters like Holly, and even Maureen. Fans deserve a conclusion. GL owes fans a fitting ending after 72 years in broadcasting. Even ER doesn’t compare to how important this institution is. I will miss Springfield.

So you tell us, of these endings, which one do you like best? After that, head over to The Suds Report for more from Branco's soap dish.