Consummate Show Runner Ken Corday Speaks Out on Guiding Light Cancellation


Perhaps the most well-informed, prolific, skilled— golfer in daytime, Days of Our Lives executive producer Ken Corday speaks out to Soap Opera Digest about CBS basically signaling the end of broadcast television by cancelling Guiding Light.


In desperate times, desperate measures are sometimes the worst things to resort to. What GUIDING LIGHT became was not a soap opera. It smacked of ESPN or the evening news and done without any homage to the creator of the show. It wasn't because of one inept person in the last year or two; the show ran its course."

Oh Kenny, this is so not your lesson to teach! No "homage to the creator"? Okay, say what you will about Ellen Wheeler, and God knows I have, but under her jurisdiction Guiding Light crafted a beautiful, PBS-worthy tribute to Irna Phillips. What have you done to honor your Mama and Daddy's legacy Kenny?

Were you paying tribute to the serial your parents Ted and Betty Corday, along with Irna Phillips created when you unceremoniously fired five of the biggest stars in the show's history (Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans and Thaao Penghlis) and replaced them with talking dolls, and no I don't mean Timmy, I mean Molly Burnett. Is it in honor of your birthright that you continue to allow a shameless hack, who wouldn't know a long story if it bit her on the bottom to write, I mean wreck legacy characters and pen shameful  storylines that see an autistic child being thrown down stairs and off piers under the guise of "social relevance"? Is allowing a storyline that has one half of your only remaining supercouple being wasted as a cartoon psychic your idea of getting back to the basics of good soap opera? Kenny, why don't you stick to talking about what you know best, how to improve one's golf game.