General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.15.09


An intervention? The LATEST on Robin’s Postpartum struggle is that an intervention is staged when Patrick finds out his wife has stopped taking her meds and another almost tragedy has struck. RUMORS had Robin in an accident with baby Emma in the vehicle but is there something else happening? Now we’re seeing that Emma almost takes a tumble down some stairs. Thankfully Patrick is there to prevent that from happening but is it Robin’s carelessness that puts Emma in harm in the first place.

I mentioned some familial help for Patrick when Robin heads out of town for treatment. Is Matt moving in with his big brother? Does he still live at Mac’s? RUMORS say Matt moves into the Drake house to help a brother out.

What about Michael’s case?
Weren’t Scrubs supposed to be a part of that storyline? At one point the RUMORS had Robin playing a larger role but me thinks Robin has enough to handle with her PPD. Patrick however will play a role after Sonny asks him to consult with the doctor Jax found.

Michael’s waking up and the RUMBLES are all over this rebellious teen coming out of a coma. Kristina is SUPPOSED to be a bit of a rebel as well… too much for Sonny to handle? How many rebellious children are they going to throw at the mobster? We chatted a bit in the comments yesterday about who Michael is connecting with after he comes out of his yearlong coma. Lulu! When I first saw the RUMORS my first thought was that Lulu has been written as far too selfish of a character to be Michael’s person to lean on. We’ll see how it all plays out and I’m not convinced that this doesn’t have more to do with Johnny and Lulu than Michael finding a confidante in his cousin. The RUMORS that had Michael pushing Jason away MAY have been a bit PREMATURE. Ric MAY play a role in the Kristina is a rebel story.

Speaking of Johnny… Who the hell is he bedding? RUMORS broke that he’s sleeping with a female resident of Port Chuck making Maxie a little jealous. Who is it? Is it an older woman? Is the script where Johnny beds an older woman being used as the Dante audition script or are RUMORS getting muddled together? RUMOR has it the script has Dante sleeping with an older woman he’s been guarding. Now, I know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and all but why would Dante be guarding anyone? With Johnny re-entering the mobasphere, I can totally see him becoming a guard thus leading to the older lady sex. It’s not uncommon to use old scripts as audition scripts.


Is Spixie dunzo? Not yet. Well if it’s up to Maxie they aren’t. She’ll try to win her BFF back but will the above mentioned jealousy get the better of her?

Dr. Lee advises Carly to terminate her pregnancy. Isn’t this the same storyline going on at One Tree Hill? Carly wants to hide the news from Jax but he’s SPOILED to find a home pregnancy test and Jax is elated at the news. Poor Jax can never catch a break when it comes to being a daddy.

Jax is keeping secrets too. He doesn’t want Carly to know that Jerry is back in town. Jax tells Alexis that her bad boy lover is back and Jax delves a little deeper telling his BFF that Jerry was involved in Michael’s shooting. Jason confronts Jax and tells him he knows about Jerry but Jax asks Jason to keep Carly in the dark.

Who’s the Daddy? Who do you want to be the daddy? Sonny or Ric? Does Ric stand a chance against Sonny’s super sperm? Would a Lansing baby still give Claudia a free pass?

I’m laughing… why does this man continue to speak? "Rebecca & Nikolas will continue to get closer" admits Guza. "He will learn to appreciate things about her different then Emily" Can someone please explain to me what is so different about these two characters other than the heavy eye liner?

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets… I am so over secrets. Yes I know it’s a soap opera and secrets are par for the course but when there is little to no payoff, I can’t help but be over the mess. Jake’s paternity, Alan’s will, Michael’s shooting, Olivia’s child, Ethan’s paternity… all secrets still hanging in limbo despite half the town knowing the truth. WORD on the street is that yet another secret is happening and this time it COULD destroy Guza’s favorite pairing ever! Jason is RUMORED to keep a secret from Sonny! Insert sarcasm…everywhere.