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Joshua Morrow to Michael Fairman: "He Can’t Just Let Her Go"


The answer that The Young and the Restless fans have been waiting for in the war of couples "Phick" (Phyllis and Nick) vs."Shick" (Sharon and Nick) is finally revealed. Joshua Morrow(Nick) had a one on one with On Air On Soap'sMichael Fairman about Nick Newman's not-so-charmed life and who the golden boy is truly in love with.


MICHAEL: He really is in love with two women at this point?

JOSHUA: Yes. He is genuinely in love with two women and he can’t make a decision. That is causing problems for both women and it’s hurting everybody. Nick is not going into this with malicious intent to hurt these women. He does not know what to do. He can’t let go of Sharon, but he started this beautiful new family with Phyllis and he is crazy about her. He feels an allegiance to Phyllis. Nick was in a bad place and Phyllis helped him find his smile again, and let him know that life was great and you can have a good time again. He can’t just let her go.Of course, there is his child, Summer, and if he leaves Phyllis then Summer pays for it."

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