The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Sharon's Finally Busted


The drama continued today on The Young and the Restless leading to confessions, separations, and more legal woes.

Nick/Phyllis/Noah/Victoria: Today started with Noah and Phyllis discussing his sexual activities with Eden. She tried to explain to him the ramifications of sex (which I'm sure she knows a lot about these days) and Noah wasn't interested. He ran out not telling Phyllis where he was going and leaving Phyllis more stressed out than she already was. Personally I don't blame her for losing her head with all the stuff going on in her life. Noah ended up meeting with Victoria to try and get a perspective on his side.    

After Noah left, Phyllis flashed back to calling the cops to come to Sharon's room. Nick returned and they finally had the hard talk. Phyllis told Nick that Noah left and tried to put of the conversation but Nick insisted they continue. He admitted to Phyllis that he and Sharon slept together again and that he and Phyllis need to separate. He said he wasn't saying they were "done" but needed time apart. Phyllis first said she wasn't giving up and they weren't "done." Phyllis started to question whether or not Nick really ever loved her. He stated that he did but Phyllis said that she felt Nick never moved on from Sharon and used Phyllis to get over Cassie's death. While Phyllis was losing it Nick just kept staring at her with this dumb look on his face. I'm starting to wonder of the brain cell capacity in this guy’s head. Nick packed a bag and left Phyllis, but not before Phyllis broke down once again yelling at him and again he stood there looking dumbfounded.  

Phyllis called Michael for support but after Michael told her he couldn't come over to see her she broke down into tears. Meanwhile Nick went over to Victoria's to stay with her and J.T. When Noah returned home he found Phyllis crying on the couch. When he asked where Nick was Phyllis just told him she didn't know where he was or when he'd be back.

Sharon/Jack/Michael: Back at Sharon's room the detective questioned her about the stolen contraband. Sharon denied being responsible for everything and in a panic she called Jack for help. Jack arrived at Sharon's room and she tried to explain to him the situation. The detective was convinced that Sharon was behind the whole thing and Sharon admitted that it was possible she stole the goods. Jack tried to stop the detective but was unable to and Sharon was arrested.

Jack called Michael to have him come to the police station to help Sharon, but Michael told him he couldn't. However, Gloria showed up and convinced Michael to leave her with Kevin for a bit. Michael finally agreed but only if Gloria promised to call with any news. After Michael left Gloria convinced the Doctor to let her into the cell with Kevin to comfort him.

Michael arrived at the police station and Jack explained to him the situation. As he talked about the vandalism of Sharon's "lingerie" I had to shudder. I hope Phyllis washed her hands because with how Sharon's been sleeping around who knows what she could catch. But I digress.....Jack mentioned the books that Sharon stole and Michael realized that not only had things been stolen from his wife's store but the books that Eden was accused of stealing were actually the fault of Sharon. After realizing all this he left and told Jack to find another lawyer.

Jack assured Sharon that she would be bailed out of jail and he'd take care of everything. But when he offered to call Nick for her she told him in no.

Michael/Kevin/Gloria/Jeffrey/Jana/Heather: Jeffrey and Gloria went out to dinner at the club to celebrate that Kevin was home and getting the care he needs. Going to the sanitarium Kevin remained locked up and sedated in the padded cell. Jana's headaches returned with a vengeance as she pleaded with Michael to do something to help her husband. Jana pleaded through the door for Kevin to look at her and was struck with another bout of head pain. Michael could see what it was doing to her so he convinced Jana to go home and get some rest. Jana showed up at Gloria and Jeffrey's table and explained to them the horrific situation Kevin was in.

Michael was trying to talk to the doctor about why Kevin wasn't being treated properly when Heather showed up and said she went to the judge and convinced him that Kevin needed to be locked up not helped. (Have I mentioned how much I loathe Heather...because yeah she's not my favorite character at all)? Heather said she did it because he needed to get what he deserves, which was to be locked up in a cell, not the vacation they were hoping for. She even accused Kevin of faking his breakdown.

Once Gloria was let into Kevin's room she tried to comfort him with soothing words and happy memories. It was then that Kevin started to hallucinate that he was at Crimson Lights and Gloria's voice was distorted and she was dressed in a rodent costume. Then he snapped and yelled at Gloria to go away.

Eden/Lauren/Michael: Nick took Eden home and hinted to Lauren that she and Eden needed to discuss something but didn't tell her what. This left Eden to break it to Lauren that she lost her virginity to Noah. Eden explained why she and Noah ended up at his place. Eden tried to convince Lauren that they were responsible and tried to get her to understand. Lauren tried to be supportive while also trying to explain the consequences of entering into a sexual relationship. She did say that she did not approve of Eden and Noah engaging in sex until they were older.

Michael ended up meeting Lauren and Eden at Crimson Lights and explained to her what happened with Kevin. Lauren insinuated to Michael about Eden and Noah's night together. Then when Eden came over to them Michael told them that Sharon was responsible for the books stolen that Eden was blamed for.

Coming up tomorrow

  • Victor talks to Colleen about the board
  • Jill warns Murphy that he's now "swimming with the sharks."
  • Nick asks Phyllis if she had anything to do with Sharon being caught.

Question for debate: Who is annoying you the most at the moment?

  • A: Sharon because her needy nympho klepto overly dramatic woe is me ways are getting really irritating!
  • B: Nick because he's really acting like an immature moron who isn't being a very good role model for his son!
  • C: Heather because she's really putting the capital B in witch and refusing to listen to Michael!
  • D: Phyllis because she keeps losing it and screaming at random intervals.