General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I love that Helena takes five seconds to size up Rebecca and finds her wanting in every way. Pretty much sums up how I feel about Rebecca. As much as Helena is crazy, I absolutely hated Rebecca’s yelling and screaming and general snottiness towards her. Emily would have had every right to talk to Helena that way, but a stranger, no way. Just made Rebecca look even crasser than I thought she was.

Loved the Alexis/Helena snarkfest. Loved that Alexis believes that Rebecca is up to no good and tells Nikolas that. Loved Helena’s comment to Alexis about needing collagen because she isn’t aging well and Nancy Lee Grahn’s facial reaction to that line. Despite Rebecca’s involvement in it, the Helena story really held my attention today.

And speaking of psychotic sociopaths, I love that Ric held his own against Jerry and didn’t cower down to him. Not sure I love the idea of Ric being beholden to Jerry for future machinations though.

Loved the look of terror on Claudia’s face when she ran into Jerry on the docks. Anything that keeps that girl off kilter works for me. Although I’m not really sure I understood Jerry’s explanation to both Ric and Claudia about why he suddenly doesn’t want the DVDs to come out, despite making them in the first place.

Does Robin have post partum depression or schizophrenia? She was all over the place today, freaking out, angry, and then subdued and apologetic. Made my head hurt from the whiplash of it all.

Wardrobe malfunction of the day: what on earth was Spinelli wearing?