General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.16.09


Its gonna be a quickie today…

Scrubs… The docs will find a meeting of the minds in the OR but at home, Robin is still on edge. She’ll lie about a therapy session that Patrick later finds out she skipped. Couples therapy? It’s coming. Robin will endanger Emma by letting her stroller roll down some stairs. Getting back on track as Robin heads out for treatment. Kimberly McCullough took a three week vacation. She also dished a bit and confirmed what RUMORS have been saying for months now. She is developing a project for SOAPnet. Could that project have an impact on her contract talks?

Has Ric’s luck run out? Jason hates him, Claudia needs to cover her behind and Jerry is calling all the shots.

JaSam Fans… IF you’re getting your “moment” it SHOULD happen after the explosion. Not sure what else comes of said moment as Kelly Monaco has limited taping time.

Is the moment or word of the moment what sends Elizabeth to Jake’s? That’s the RUMOR and Nikolas MAY need someone to help him ease the pain of NotEmily. Will the old friends take it too far? As much of a Liason fan that I am, I must admit that I am slightly curious to see where this goes. Of course I’ve already created a scenario in my head that would bring Jason into the fold but that is just my own personal pathetic fan girl problem.

Johnny… Who’s the older woman? One RUMOR says its Ric’s attorney.

Ethan and Luke…
Is the worst character ever created (sorry still can’t stand him) a Spencer? Luke is RUMORED to want a paternity test. Will Ethan oblige? While we’re on the topic of Luke (I tweeted about him yesterday and I know Perkie mentioned it as well) WHAT IN ALL THAT IS HOLY have they done to Luke Spencer? This man doesn’t deserve anymore children after the way he treated Lucky. Here is your son telling you that the woman responsible for faking his death and then brainwashing him is back in town to wreck havoc and you blow him off? Luke Spencer was once a great character on this show, now; he’s just a character and a bad one at that.


Spixie Angst? Is it coming? I wouldn’t be too surprised since Guza thinks we’re all suckers for angst.