General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Is it just my television, or has the past two episodes been really, really brightly lit? At first I thought it was just the new hospital set, but then everything else was brighter than normal as well.


Speaking of the new hospital set, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess they needed to freshen things up, but after seeing that old set for some 20 odd years, it’s very strange not to see it again.

My Scrubs loving heart is breaking. I love Robin, and I know she’s sick, but goodness gracious she is hard to tolerate. I can only imagine how the anti-Robin fans feel. Having said that, Patrick still seems to be a bit of a douche towards her but I was glad he finally threw out the whole Rochester/Brad/one night stand thing. Although I did find it ironic that the nurses area was pretty much empty until he yelled that out and then suddenly, everyone and their brother is standing right there, listening.

Not sure how I feel about Ric’s goatee/moustache thing. I’ve never been a fan of those, and I prefer my men clean shaven, but it is Ric and he was rocking the suit, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

Exactly how did Jerry know that Ric had a copy of the DVD and that he had given it to Claire for safe keeping?

I like Olivia, and I understand she’s concerned for Carly, but at some point, she crossed the line with the constant pregnancy test pestering. Carly’s an adult, if she wants to wait five minutes to take the test, than leave her be. If she is pregnant the stress of Olivia nattering in her ear all day won’t help.

I’m seriously beginning to hate Luke. How could he go on about his ‘feelings’ for Helena, in front of Lucky, whose life was devastated by that woman? Just to prop up Ethan’s unnatural, sick obsession with Luke. I totally hate the writing in that whole story.

Loving Helena’s return, but shouldn’t she still be in some crazy facility right now? Can’t Nikolas grab her and return her to it? When she walked into the living room, he reacted like she has every right to be there. Always weird.