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General Hospital's Sarah Brown Lobbies For Tom Pelphrey

It looks like the brass at ABC aren't the only ones salivating over the thought of Guiding Light alum Tom Pelphrey inheriting Sonny's penchant for smashing crystal at the feet of a paramour. Sarah Brown (Claudia) tells TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco just how much she too wants to see Pelphrey as Sonny's long lost spawn Dante. 


TVG: Which actors do you admire in soaps, in film and prime-time TV?

SB: Hands down, Tom Pelphrey [ex-Jonathan, GL] is my favourite soap actor.

TVG: I pray each night that GH casts him as Dante.

SB: You and me both! Don’t even talk to me about that because I’ve harassed Tom, Bob Guza and anyone who would listen to hire him. The idea that I could one day work with Tom on daytime TV would make my career. He’s a great freaking actor. The kid is the real deal. I admire him a lot. I also love Kim Zimmer [Reva, GL] a lot. I miss working with all my World Turns co-stars. I’d love to work with Ricky Paull Goldin [Jake, AMC] — how much fun would that be? I wish we could all jump around networks to work on each other’s shows. In prime time, I love Michael Chiklis because he’s so raw. And I like Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon. In film, I’ve always admired Ed Norton. And of course, Meryl Streep has taught me so much, just by watching her unbelievable, incredible performances."

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As resistant as I have been to the idea of another airhog on GH—not that it would be Pelphrey's fault, but we know they would air him eight-days-a-week at the expense of even more vets and leading to eventual fan and story burnout—I have to admit, he and Brown would be FIYA, for awhile at least.