One Life to Live Daily Recap: Good Cop, John Cop


For those of you that are not aware, I have been Twittering my thoughts on One Life to Livehere.  I don't watch it "live", but I usually get around to it before 8 PM. My thoughts there are uncensored and in the moment. I have been told it is helpful to be watching and reading at the same time! However, you will be able to find my more collected thoughts here on the blog daily. Now, onto the show!!

Cole / Markko / Starr / Langston : They were all basically having the same conversation telling Starr and Cole to share their feelings. I must say, if I need rehab, I want to be where Cole is. He can come and go as he pleases and have visitors whenever he wants to. Lucky for him that Markko showed up, since he had a surprise drug test and Markko was nice enough to take it for him. With Rachel just being handed his case though, I think Cole had better shape up or Rachel will be shipping him to the big house.

Destiny : Loved Destiny calling out the bullies in the school and reminding them that they were partially responsible for Matthew getting in that car. Now, exactly how legally responsible they are, I have no idea, but Destiny played it for all it is worth! The visit to apologize to Matthew fell really flat for me and what kind of school is Llanview High? All these students just coming and going and cutting classes as they please. Why wasn't my high school like this??? The whole Destiny trying to call her brother stuff is getting old quickly though.

Todd / Tea : Now, I had to laugh at Todd stomping on his phone like a baby but I was pretty disgusted with the TnT stuff overall. I had hoped that they would have allowed Tea to mature and outgrow the abusive Todd. When he started degrading her and telling her to "beg" for it I just wanted to turn the tv off. I had been looking forward to TnT sex when I first read about it, but I was very disappointed with the delivery.

Nora / John / Bo : I loved watching Nora go after Zach in the interrogation room. Nora always did the legal stuff well. You could tell John wanted to jump through the window to get at Zach. However, when Bo came in with the knife I just thought .. oh this feels wrong. The knife is a little to convenient.  It will be interesting to see how this all works out.